Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 Weeks - Our Little Green Olive

Today I am 9 weeks and 0 days into my pregnancy and I can’t believe how much this little wonder is growing and developing. It’s so amazing. Baby J is about the size of a green olive, the heart is beating about 150 beats per min (that's about twice as fast as ours), the limbs have started to form, the head is taking shape, the nose, lips, and eyelids are taking form, and the kidneys have formed. I can’t feel this little life moving or see any changes from the outside or hear it’s heart but wow.

Thus far I have been very blessed with a good 1st trimester. I have had only minimal nausea (mostly in the evenings) and I have only thrown up 4 times (small amounts). I've been very tired, have little energy and not much appetite. However, compared to the stories I have heard about 1st trimesters I am feeling great.


  1. Callie - congrats to you and Devin (oh and little Olive / Baby J) Been forever but wanted to say congrats (on your wedding as well) :)

    Take care and keep in touch,
    Becca Zvono

  2. So glad you are feeling good, I did too, makes things much more enjoyable!!!