Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sensory Tub

This is our first sensory tub.


I have been looking (well, thinking) of ways to do more with Jacob to encourage his curiosity and his learning.  I found a lot of good teaching ideas/plans for toddlers, but since he has minimal attention span and excessive energy and curiosity, I thought a sensory tub would be a good idea.  I found many tub ideas here and here.  Sensory tubs are apparently great for exploring different textures, colors, sounds, and smells and learning to scooping, pouring, sorting, counting, imaginative play and so much more. 

I didn’t have a theme.  I just used items I had at home.

My box contains:
1 almost full bag of Cotton balls
6 Yarn puffs
3 Mason jar rings
2 Yellow golf balls
1 Olive garden cup for scooping


I also made a bean tub.



We’ll see how it goes.  I foresee a lot of cleaning up in my future.

1 comment:

  1. Good work mama. The bean tub was the greatest thing I have ever come up with..and I didn't even come up with it. The girls still play with it. Close supervision is you can teach him right off the bat to be neat and not to make a GIANT mess!