Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Evie is 6 Months

Our little lady is doing great!  She almost as easy as Jacob, a little more fussy, a little more needy…she is a girl after all.


She weighs 15 lbs 4oz (20-50th %tile) and is 25inches (25-50th%tile).

She is sitting for brief periods if there is an interesting toy in front of her.



She is rolling over from front to back.

She is eating some solids.  She still is not so sure about it.  She likes rice cereal ok and pears, and so far she doesn’t really like yams.


She is nursing 4- 5 times per day. 

She loves her paci.


She taking 3 naps per day and sleeping about 8 hours at night.  She likes to sleep with her head in the corner of the crib.



She is wearing size 2 diapers, 6 month onesies, 3 month jammies (almost out of these), and 3-6 pants and shirts.

She is grabbing and holding onto anything that comes close.


She smiles at everyone especially Jacob.  The sweetest thing is hearing them laugh at each other.

I am planning a photo shoot one of these days when sun is out and the weather is a little warmer.

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