Friday, April 29, 2011


Ugg!  The sickies have been running through our house.  I want them to stop! 

Jacob started us off 2 weeks ago with a fever x 4 days which lead to a doctor visit and a diagnosis of pneumonia and an ear infection and antibiotics.  He is now back to his normal spunky self with 2 more days of antibiotics.

Devin started feeling really dizzy yesterday and went to the doctor today to find out he has a sinus and ear infection and is starting 2 antibiotics. 

I started getting sick a week ago. No fever, just sinus congestion and a cough.  (probably an infection too, but never went to the doctor.)

And Evie, well she is the only one healthy, that we know of.  I pray that it stays that way!

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  1. The sickies are running through our house right now too - not fun. I hope yours are better soon. Your blog is lovely!