Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Noah is 1 Week Old

My baby boy is already a week old and things are going pretty well. Despite a big brother and sister with double ear infections and a mama who is getting a cold, Noah is doing great.

He had a check up today. The doctor of course said he looks perfect! He weighed in at 6lbs 12oz, (1oz above his birth weight and in the 25th % tile) and measured 19.25 inches long (15th %tile).

He is sleeping and eating great, about every 3-4 hours during the day and sleeping in-between. He has some fussy times at night between 10-2am except for last night so I am hoping we are getting past this, and he gives us one long stretch of 5-6 hours of sleep at night which makes all the difference in the world! Keep it up little buddy! He is sleeping in our room in a cradle that my grandpa Jack made for my sisters and I when we were babies.

He still seems SO tiny making our others seem so huge in comparison.

His belly button hs not fallen off yet. We gave him his first sink bath yesterday and I did a photo shoot as well.

He is wearing newborn size diapers and newborn clothes that are almost all too big for him. We have one premee outfit that fits just right.

We are getting lots of snuggle time in the evening after the other 2 go to bed.  and we are getting lots of sleepy smiles!  Loving it!

Oh, and so far he does not seem to be much of a spitter upper! I am hoping that continues as well.








  1. SOO glad to hear things are going well, other than the germs, sorry to hear that!! Enjoy your sweet boy, love the name Noah!!

  2. Oh, what a cutie patootie! I need another fix!!! Kissies from Auntie Gretchen!