Thursday, August 9, 2012

7 Months

Our little dude is 7 months old (well has been for a week or so).  The time has flown by.  He still seems so small but is also growing up and developing so fast.  And he is getting cuter by the day! 

He is sitting up now, rolling all over, and spinning in a circle on his stomach.

He is much more interested in his brother and sister and them in him.  He lights up around them.

He is smiley and laughing most of the time.

He is eating solid foods.  Pears, squash, carrots, prunes, cheers, rice puffs, peas, rice cereal, sweet potatoes

He is sleeping 8-10hrs at night and at least 2 good naps during the day.  He does not sleep in the car or stroller.  He is still swaddled at when home.

He just switched to size 3 diapers because we ran out of size 2.

He is grabbing at everything.

He does not take a bottle.

He is going on his first plane trip next week.

He loves being held, especially by his mamma.

He is very photogenic.

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