Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quotes by Jacob

Jacob says lots of funny things lately. Here are a few:

Me: Jacob, look at these beautiful red flowers.
Jacob- Comes over and sniffs (by exhaling)
me: what do they smell like?
Jacob: smells like chocolate

J: look hairplanes! 2 hairplanes. Big hairplane, small hairplane.
M: Yes. Big airplane, small airplane. Big and small are opposites.
J: not opposites, hairplanes.

Jacob thinks any blinking light is broken. Upon seeing a blinking yellow left turn arrow:
Dat broken. Dat need new batteries.

Finding and watching a tv show on Netflix called Eebee (which is how Jacob pronounces Evie). 
Me:  should we watch another Eebee?
Jacob: no, let's watch a Jacob.

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