Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Years Old

Our Evie girl turned 2 just a month ago.  Again, where has the time gone?  She is 31.5 inches (5th %tile) and 25lbs (50th %tile).  Looks like she's got her mother's height!

Evie loves her brothers.  She does everything Jacob does.  She loves giving kisses to Noah, and has figured out she can make Noah laugh in the car.

Evie is our little spit fire, she is going to give us a run for our money.  She has perfected the scream when Jacob takes something from her.  She has perfected the sit or the wet noodle or the fall flat on my face when she doesn't get her way.

Evie's favorite toys: a tent/fort, shoes, cars, the doll stroller, anything Jacob or Noah play with.

Evie is really into dress-up.  Likes tutu's, butterfly wings, hats, gloves, shoes, her swim suit, anything girly.

Evie's favorite foods are: strawberries, blueberries, crackers of any kind, waffles, Cheerios, yogurt, sweets of any kind.

Evie wears a size 2T all around.  Size 5 shoe.

She can run and just started jumping, but not jumping off things yet.  She is a climber.

She has never had a haircut.
She loves the water.  Screams when its bath time.  Independently floats about a pool with water wings on and loves the hot tub.

She is a Daddy's girl and has Daddy wrapped around her finger.

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