Sunday, July 7, 2013

18 Months Little Noah

Oh little Noah.  18 months already.  He seems so little and young but much older and developing faster than the previous at 18 months, at least it seems that way.  Noah is a happy little boy, loves to laugh with his brother and sister and daddy.  He is also quite a feisty little guy, just try take something away, remove him from playing or try to feed him.  I can't believe its been 18 months already.  Here is a little bit about what our boy is up too:

Height: 29.4 inches (still less than the 2nd %tile, but did grow more than just linear growth since his 16 mo check.  So he is a little closer to the curve.)
Weight: 19lbs 8ounces (3rd %tile)

His favorite foods depends on the day. Milk, blueberries, strawberries. grapes, goldfish, cheese, peanut butter M&M's.  He seems to have a pretty small appetite.  After his 16 month appointment we initiated the "grow Noah grow" diet consisting of adding heavy cream to his whole milk, adding coconut oil and cream to his oatmeal, getting any and all calories in him that we could.  He is a self feeder now and very proficient with a spoon and fork.  He always needs a utensil in hand when eating.

Noah is a little spit fire!  He will definitely let you now what he wants.  He has quite a little temper and will lay down (all be it gently) and cry.  He holds his own with his brother and sister and can be a bit of a bully to other little kids.  And he definitely doesn't like it when I hold another baby.

He is wearing about a size 9-12 month clothes.  I finally packed away the 6 month pants, though he can still wear some 6 month shorts.  He is wearing 3 and 4 shoes and a size four diaper.

He "talks" all day long.  He has quite a few words now probably more than our other two at this age.  He says up, down, mommy, daddy, Eve, Jacob, eye, nose, ear, light, thank you, hi, cracker, milk, potty, uh oh, bath, car, ball, swing, play, and a bunch others I can't think of right now.

Noah is also very active like Jacob was at this age, maybe more so.  He can walk, almost run and jump.  he has started to want to walk down and up stairs.  He will 'jump' to me from the changing table or any high surface.  He climbs all over the couches and chairs. He can climb a ladder and almost all the play structure things.  He can slide down sitting up, though often gets a foot stuck and tumbles down.

We love him so much.  He is so cute and gets away with way too much and we wouldn't change him for the world!

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