Sunday, March 8, 2009

We ALMOST Sold Our House!

Update: So it turns out that the buyer for our house went into work today and got laid off. Which means she is out of a job and can't buy our place. Keep her and us is your prayers.

Great news to report...we sold our house. Well, we accepted the offer. We lowered the price on Friday and got 2 offers on Saturday. We of course accepted the full price offer. We are going to close on the same as we close on the new house which works out well so we won't have to take out a second loan. Everything is coming together and again it is really amazing how God is orchestrating all the details of this buy/sell transaction. I will give more details after everything becomes official.

Also we had the inspection done on the new house and there were very little things that came up and the owners agreed to the improvements we asked for without a counter offer. Still our main concern with the new house is with the septic system. Anyone have any experience with septic? Specifically we plan on redoing the landscaping which we believe sits right on top of the drain field.

Anyway, we will be moving into our new house on April 4th, though we will have possession as of April 2nd at 9pm. Anyone available to help us move?

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  1. Hang in there Cal.. sorry that it worked out that way, but better things are comning!!!