Friday, February 5, 2010

...and We're Back!

Yup, we're back from the frozen ice land of Minneapolis, MN. Freezing is an understatement, it was below freezing there, although it did "warm up" to 20 degrees one day and Maya and I took advantage and played in the snow, sledding down the snow drifts and the giant pile of snow in the middle of the culd-a-sack.

We had a great time visiting my sister, brother-in-law and nieces and of course they soaked up the time with Jacob. Jacob did great on the plane both ways, which we were happy about. We didn't want to be those parents of the screaming baby annoying everyone.

Since it was so cold there we mostly stayed inside. We did venture out to an indoor zoo, target for cousin pictures, the Mall of America and of course to the girls gymnastics class.

We are glad to be back in the Northwest's warm February temps. No longer do we take "cold" Seattle temps for granted!

Pics coming soon!

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