Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Bites

Jacob has gotten his first tastes of some real foods and he loves it. He is a champion eater. As my niece Maggie would say "he really pounds it down."

So far he has had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas (which he doesn't really like), and carrots. Next on the list is bananas, as soon as I make it to the store, and maybe squash.

I am making all the baby foods (just call me supermom...totally kidding!). It is pretty easy, just takes a little time.


  1. Yummy yummy! Love the jammies. : ) I made almost all of Maggie's food too, not so much with Maya. Too lazy. Are you making batches and doing the ice cube tray thing? So easy and then all you have to do is defrost an ice cube. Try avacados too. Maggie liked them and they're really good for them. Loves to my favorite baby nephew!

  2. Amazing he can feed himself already. YOU GO SUPERMOM!!!

  3. Way to go Jacob, thats awesome. I found it so incredibly simple to make the food, steam and puree. If you have a hand wand blender its a sinch, I never bought "baby food making equipment" just had the regular stuff that worked! Soon it will be less nursing and more food.. yipppeee!