Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Not me! Monday is back at least for this week.
I do not often choose sleep over food. Nope not me, especially when I need to eat extra cause I am eating for 3. I always nourish my body and babies with the best foods.
I do not have one, single, solitary, black hair that grows down from the bottom of my chin that needs to be plucked every so often. Nope. Not me!
I did not join facebook and get totally sucked in. No way. Not me!
I did not eat a brownie for breakfast the other day and then eat a whole roll of thin mints today, though not for breakfast. I always eat healthy and all my fruits and veggies.
I have not been out of milk and intending on going to the store for at least 5 days. Nope.
Another Not Me! Monday, come and gone. Enjoy.

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