Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Two weeks in a row, I'm on a roll.

I do not check Devin's belly button for lint. Nope. I just don't understand how it always has lint in it. I mean, where does it come from? Not me!

Devin and I have not started watching "Lost" (starting with season 1), you know, since this is the last season. We started at the beginning on 100+ episodes. Like we need something else to do. Nope not me!
We did not have cereal for dinner the other night at 8:00pm because I had a snack of kettle corn and chocolate milk at 4:30pm. Not me!
I do not have sheets sitting in the wash that do not need to be re-washed since they have been sitting in there for 2 days. Nope. And I do not have dry clothes in the dryer that have been in there for 3 days. Nope. And I do not just keep taking what I want out of the dryer without actually taking out all the clothes and folding them. Nope. No way. Not me!
This is what I have not been doing the last week. How about you? You can check out what MckMama and everyone else has not been doing here.

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  1. Aaron ALWAYS has bellybutton lint. Its weird and gross, but it is ALWAYS there!!!!!!