Wednesday, February 23, 2011

18 Months!

A year and a half!  Wow, time does fly.  Our little man is 18months. 

He is a very sweet big brother.  He loves being around his sister and making her laugh.  He still likes to steal her paci and stick his finger in her mouth. 

He has finally said “Mama” and has lots of words now, though I’d have to translate most of them for you.  He says mama, dada, sissy, teddy, puppy, cracker, water, apple, banana, spoon, cookie, eye, ear, nose, car, cup, ball, rock (as in the rocking chair), bouncy, up, down, go, hole, bible, house, key, diaper, bath, potty, slide, toe, blanket, bye-bye, hi, night-night, clock, snow, balloon and probably more that I can’t think of right now.  He know where is his ear, eye, nose, head, hair, tongue, arm, fingers, toes and tummy are.  He know the animal sounds of the lion, horse, and snake.

He now has 8 teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom.  For the last week or so his appetite has been quite poor.  He now eats all regular foods except for a container of baby food vegetables every now and then.  His favorite foods are crackers (animal, fish, and graham), bananas, oranges, PB&J, meatballs, yogurt.  Recent new foods that he is eating are cheese, pasta, peas, and chips.

He is always on the go.  His new favorite skill is jumping, stepping up and down the stairs (or anything) by himself (vs crawling).  He also has taken to falling down (as in ring-around-the-rosie, “we all fall down”) and then rolls around on the ground.  He doesn’t really have a favorite toy, maybe one of his sit on cars with a steering wheel.  He still likes books only he no longer has the patience to actually sit with you and read one, he likes to sit and “read” them by himself.  He loves watching TV.  His favorite video is Action Bible Songs by the Cedermont Kids.  It’s the only time I can cut his finger/toe nails or cut his hair.

He is still our great sleeper.  Sleep ~12 hours at night.  He take 1-2 naps per day usually about 1—2 hours each.  I think he has long been ready to transition to just one nap a day but I am trying to hold onto two for as long as I can. 

He is just about the most easy-going little man.  Adapts well to any situation/new place.  Goes to anyone, has never had any separation issues.  Our little social outgoing one.

Pics and videos to come….. (promise)

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