Thursday, June 9, 2011





As you can see, Jacob and Evie are thrilled to announce that baby #3 is on the way!

(They are watching a DVD on the computer.  It’s the only way I was going to get them to sit still)

Devin and I are excited to be expecting #3 who will arrive the end of December.  I am around 10.5 weeks along.

We have already had an ultrasound done last week as the doctor saw a second sack and wanted to get it checked out.  It is likely that we started out with twins but the one baby never developed or died early on and the sack is still present and should go away over time.  Our baby has a strong and healthy heart beat and is all that a 10week embryo should be.

I am feeling ok for the most part.  The morning sickness/nausea comes and goes.  Today I have felt nauseous all day.  I don’t really think I have gained any weight and I am just starting to show if you look closely.

Here is the first picture of the babe:


And here is a picture of the second sack:



  1. Oh my goodness! Congrats! That is so exciting! I still need to meet evie!!
    love you, aimee