Saturday, October 1, 2011

Potty Training

We took another go at potty training this week and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jacob has done.

A week or so ago I checked out a bunch of potty books along with a "kit" from the library (which included 2 potty dvd's, about 8 books, and even a doll and doll potty). We began read the books everyday, Jacob really likes books, and watching the dvd's. At bath time or bed time we would ask if he wanted to try the potty and he would say yes but with no results.

This past Tuesday afternoon I decided to just go for it, no more diapers except at nap, bed and when we went out.

Tuesday: one start on the floor, six times in the potty.

Wednesday: once in the highchair, two starts on the floor, finished on the potty, once outside in undies and pants, once in the potty, one poo on the floor.

Thursday: two start on the floor, finish in the potty, one on the floor, one in the potty, already sitting on it, one in the potty, one poo on the floor.

Friday: once on the floor, six times on the potty, one poo in the potty! Even a few times without any encouragement!

Saturday: six times in the potty, none on the floor, mostly with encouragement. We even went out for a few hours and his diaper was dry upon returning and then went on the potty. No poo's today.

We have doing the bare bottom technique with lots of beverages, potty treats ( pb M&M's) and staying home as much as possible.

I tried to put him in underware today (Saturday) but he didn't want any of it and took them off every time I could get them on him, so not sure how this is going to play out. He still wakes up wet in the morning and after naps and doesn't really want to be bottomless right away.

I know potty training is a long road but I am really proud of my little guy and an so very pleased at how things are going! Maybe, just maybe we will only have two in diapers when the new baby comes!

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