Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

- We are still alive here

-We are still potty training which is mostly going well, except when I have to clean up the floors three times a day

- Evie is still not walking yet, but she could if she really wanted to

- I have a few picture posts ready but don't want to post them from the iPad since not all of you can see the pictures that way

- We are having our yard/soil tested to see if we can expand/add a new drain field to our septic so we can add onto our house

- I am 28 weeks now and feeling mostly well, waiting to schedule our little ones birthdate and just cooking along

- Yesterday during lunch Jacob says " a tiger, a tiger.". Me playing along says, "is there a tiger in the back yard?". And then I look out the window and see the bobcat strolling by. There was a tiger outside!

1 comment:

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