Wednesday, November 9, 2011

32 Weeks

32 weeks and some odd days.  Funny that with my first two pregnancies I know the exact weeks and days I was.  Now sometimes I have to check the ticker on the side of this blog to remind myself of the weeks.  It seems to be going by very slowly and yet fast at the same time.  Now that November has rolled in, I can say “we will be having this baby next month.”  And that seems crazy, to be that close already.  Our c-section is scheduled for the 28th of December.  That is just 2 days ahead of our due date.  We are kind of hoping the baby comes early, like around the 15th would be nice.  Devin is kind of hoping for Christmas day.  We shall wait and see.

This pregnancy is going along great, with out complications or challenges just like the last two.  The baby is VERY active, of course mostly when I lay down to sleep or when I wake at 5am to use the bathroom, then it’s like a circus in my belly.  I am having the usual shortness of breath, Braxton-hicks contractions, and of course fatigue.  For the most part, I have feeling great and feeling huge. 


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