Monday, February 27, 2012


Two months old!

What a cutie! If I do say myself.

Here is a little bit about Noah is up to:

~ Height: 22.25 inches (15th %tile)

~ Weight:11 lbs (25th %tile)

~ He is sleeping great, 9.5 hours last night. That is the longest to date, I hope it continues, of course. He usually sleeps at least 6 hours. He sleeps most of the morning and is a bit fussy in the evenings.

~ He is wearing size 0-3mo clothes and size one diapers

~ He is smiling and cooing

~ He gets about 100 kisses from Evie a day

~ He loves the swing and bouncy seat. The big two love to push him in the swing or bounce him in the bouncy.

~ He is nursing every 2.5-4ish hours during the day

~ He loves the turtle mobile

~ He is happy and content most of the time. Tags along easily with whatever the rest of us are doing. Easy going little guy. We love him more each day.

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