Friday, March 16, 2012

2 1/2

Our Jacob is now 2 1/2.

Where has the time gone. He is definitely becoming a little boy leaving the little toddler behind. Jacob is very busy. He comes running out of his room every morning and fate every nap. He is a very sweet big brother. He mostly plays well with Evie and likes having her around except when she gets into what he is playing with. He is gentle with Noah, concerned when he is crying, and asks to hold him occasionally. Jacob always keeps us on our toes as he can do more and more (get into more) each day. He still loves to laugh and is smiley and happy most all the time.
Here is a little bit about what our boy is up to:
Height: 35.25 inches (40th % tile)
Weight: 29lbs (40th %tile)
Favorite food: strawberries, pears, pb&j, mac & cheese, broccoli, cheerios, waffles, cheese, treats
Favorite toys: shape puzzles, painting, cars
Favorite things to do: play outside, ride an elevator or escalator, help, read books, watch tv
Favorite books: mom and dad are palindromes, cars and truck and things that go, the bunny book, jamberry. He likes pretty much all books.
Favorite tv shows/movies: any Leapfrog video, curious George tv show and movies
Jacob knows all the colors, all the letters, all the letter sounds, can count to 10, almost 20. He loves to climb, jump, dance, and sing. He loves being with his sister. When he is playing with something that he doesn't want her to to get, he takes a toy and shoves it at her and says "play with dis Ebie".

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