Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Evie's surgery went great. We had to wake up early and Evie did great waiting for an hour. She just wandered up and down the hall. Everyone commented on how cute she was. She was happy when the nurse took her from me. They say as they took her into the OR, she was just looking around, no crying or fussing, until they put the mask on her. The surgery went great, as planned. They put tubes in both ears and removed her adnoids. I got to go back and hold her as she was waking. Again she did great, better than expected. She did cry of course but mostly just a whiny cry and not the unconsolible kind of crying the nurses prepped me for. The worst part was getting her into the car seat, she did not want me to put her down. When we got home, she was still a bit clingy, good thing Dad was there to hold her while I fed Noah. A little bit more snuggling and by about noon, she was playing and back to her normal self.
Today she has been a bit more fussy. I gave her some Tylenol today thinking she might be hurting a little.
Overall it has gone smoothly. We are doing antibiotics for 10 days and ear drops for 5 days. Then hopefully we will be done with antibiotics for a long time!

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