Saturday, June 2, 2012


This little cutie is 5 months old!  He just seems so tiny (especially compared to his big brother and sister) but even then I think he might be shrinking because he is just so small.  And cute as can be!

He is a bit of a fussy baby and not a great sleeper.  He is sleeping 8-10 hours at night and sometimes wakes in between and needs to be soothed.  He only naps for 30-60min at a time.  He wakes and needs soothing and then will usually go back to sleep.  And in the evenings almost always needs to be held and cries every time I put him down even if he is dead asleep.  Makes it difficult to get much done in the evenings when I end up holding him for hours, but I don't usually mind that much.  Just look at that cute face.

He is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6mo clothes though he really can still wear a 0-3mo outfit.
He wears 3 or 6mo onesies, 3mo pants and 3mo jammies.

I think he is teething because he is putting everything in his mouth and drooling up a storm.  He is grabbing and holding onto things.  He is getting more content playing under the play gym or sitting in the bumbo chewing a toy.  His is getting more interested is watching Jacob and Evie move around and is noticing the TV.

He laughs, smiles, coos, squeals, and screams a lot.  He is ticklish on his sides.  He likes having people play with him.

He is rolling over back to front and has been for about a month.  I think he might be our fastest crawler and walker, only time will tell.

He is still nursing about every 3 hours during the day, about 7 times a day.  We are going to be starting solid foods any day, whenever I get things together enough to do it.  I think that might help with the sleeping...maybe he is just hungry.

Who can resist this little face? Seriously, the cutest!

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