Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rockets and Space Rocks

Inspired by Leapfrog's "Math adventure to the moon" (which is one of Jacob's favorite shows), I made a rocket ship with mostly empty fuel gages and space crystals for fuel.  (Painters tape and paper)

First, we just sorted by color.

Next, I numbered each color 1-10 and layed out the squares on the floor in their color groups, number side up.  I wanted to see if he would be able to put the numbers in order by himself.

He couldn't correctly order the numbers.  I got 1,2,3 correct and 8,9,10 but the ones in the middle were a little off.  The funny thing is even with the numbers out of order he would still count 1-10 as he counted the numbers up each column.  So he can count to 10 and read/recognize each number but doesn't "read" 1-10.

We also tried it with shapes.  Again first with just colors and then numbers. 

 He got bored with the numbers and started lining them up on the floor in random order.

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