Sunday, August 25, 2013

4 Years Old!

4 years ago our Jacob was born.  Oh how the time has flown by. 

*He loves to laugh
*He is always full of energy and loves to run, jump, climb, and ride
*Favorite foods include PB&J, cheese sandwich, blueberries, strawberries, chocolate
*Is always asking to "do something special" which is usually painting something or playdough
*Is always talking, yelling or screaming
*Favorite toys are dad's construx, hot wheels, hexagon shapes
*Favorite movie Cars 2
*Rides is bike like a pro both a bike with training wheels and a balance bike.  He is just about ready to ride with just 2 wheels
*Likes to help in the kitchen
*Requested pancakes for breakfast and Red Robin cheese sandwich for dinner
*Requested chocolate cupcakes for his birthday with green frosting and sprinkles
*He is too tall for all his size 3 pants after wearing shorts all summer
*Is getting picky about which shirts he wears.  His favorite is a navy blue superman shirt
*Can count to 50+, knows all the letters and letter sounds
*Is the ring leader of the three almost all the time
*Still loves to snuggle with me.  Anytime I sit down he is almost immediately on my lap
*Loves his brother and sister
*Makes friends easily
*Is shy in new situations and doesn't like to be left (at church or MOPs)
*Likes to be a helper
*Likes to play games on my phone or Surface
*In the car points out all the taxi's and cars with no tops

Happy birthday buddy boy.  Can't imagine life without you!

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