Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All About Me!

I remember when I was in first or second grade we made an "All About Me" book. In it were all kinds of things such as my favorite color, favorite food, what I want to be when I grow up... The following idea was copied from my friend Sarah's blog and reminded me of my "All About Me" book. Here is my new "All About Me" blog post:

I am - a new mother and loving it
I think - that I worry too much
I know - I am loved
I want - to travel
I have - a wonderful husband
I wish - our yard and house were all fixed up and our wood fireplace worked well
I hate - mushrooms
I miss - my pre-baby body
I feel - so blessed everyday
I crave - chocolate. Always!
I search - for new things that I can make
I wonder - what my life would be like if I never met my husband
I regret - all the fights with my husband
I love - my husband and baby boy
I care - too much about what people think about me
I always - try to be on time
I am not - a very clean person
I believe - in the Father God and my savior Jesus Christ
I dance - usually only when my husband makes me
I sing - by myself and when my husband makes me.
I laugh - everytime my husband flairs his nose
I cry - too often
I don’t always - pick my clothes up off the floor and make the bed
I write - this blog as often as I think of things to write
I lose - patience too often
I never - miss "The Office" or "Biggest Loser" because we have a media center. love it!
I listen - to my baby's new coo's
I can usually be found - with my baby
I’m scared of - spiders.
I need - Jesus
I can’t wait - to have another baby (well I can wait a little bit)

Feel free to copy and add your own "All About Me."

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