Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Date!

Devin and I went on our first baby-free date last Friday! (sorry no pictures)

Devin surprised me Monday morning with 5 tulips and a card with a poem. Then Tuesday morning with 4 Gerber daisies and another poem. Wednesday, I received 3 red roses and a poem. Thursday, 2 small boxes of Sees Chocolates. It was the count down to our date on Friday. Friday am, I received a dozen red roses and instructions to be ready by 5pm. My Dad arrived just before 5pm to babysit and Devin and I left. We had dinner at El Goucho's in Bellevue. On our table were another 6 red roses. We enjoyed at excellent steak dinner with ceasar salad and mashed potatoes. Following dinner we headed over to the movie theater to see Where the Wild Things Are. After the movie it was back towards home with a stop at Cold Stone for some ice cream and a short walk around Redmond Town Center.

I was a little nervous about leaving Jacob, but I hardly even thought about him at all.

Devin loves to do things BIG and he loves to spoil me. (Isn't he the best!)


  1. WOW, that was super special. Its such a good step in the right direction taking time for each other and getting out. Good for you. We are getting a much needed date this Friday and going to play lasertag with some friends. I haven't played in 11 years I believe.. should be fun!

  2. He really needs to either quit doing all that lovey dovey stuff, or give lessons to Aaron and Dad!!!!! : ) Glad you had a good time. Make sure you take advantage of having mom and dad nearby to babysit and get out!!!!!