Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am a bargain shopper. I hardly ever buy anything at full price. In fact, I cannot think of a single baby item that I have bought at full price (except for one baby outfit). And thus my love for I just bought this play wall off Not this one exactly but just like it. It is in excellent condition, just need to wipe it down.
Get this...for only $15! is selling it for $199. Now that is a steal of a deal if you ask me. Now I know Jacob is too little to actually play with it but soon enough and I will be ready. Other things I have bought off Snap-N-Go stroller, Phil&Ted's stroller, Sling, Miracle blankets, Bumgenius diapers, and a lawn mower (a real one, not a toy one). We have saved so much money this way. Babies are expensive and it's amazing what people are willing to sell for cheap. And with kids stuff, most of it is in excellent condition cause a lot of people only have one kid. The key is to do your research and wait for a good deal. The next thing I am looking for is a Moby Wrap for around $15. If you see one on there, let me know!


  1. That is one good deal for sure! We mainly bought off of craigslist too.. why the heck not right? Hope you find your wrap!

  2. I'm a friend of Gretchen's and just popped by to see pictures of her sweet new nephew...and since you're looking for a Moby wrap thought I'd share this with you. I made my own...for super duper cheap. If you go to JoAnn's and buy 5 yards of T-shirt material, fold it in half length wise and cut it into two 5 yard strips, you'll have TWO Moby's (a friend and I split the cost and each got a wrap...we also used the 40% off coupon for JoAnn's, so it really was quite affordable!). A friend of mine has a blog all about making your own baby slings and I've found it to be really helpful ( And making a Moby is easy because there's no sewing required...just fold, cut, and you're ready to wrap and carry baby!
    Congrats on your precious baby boy!
    Blessings, Tamara