Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Monday almost over, but I still have time for a "Not Me!" Monday post:
Last week, I did not wake up my husband at 1:30am because I was dreaming I dropped syringes on his face and I swiped his face waking him trying to clean them up so they wouldn't wake him. Ha. Not Me! I have not been having crazy pregnancy dreams. Nope.
I did not peak in on Jacob who was crying but supposed to be napping today only to find him standing up, smiling at me. I did not see little black specks all over his face, chest, and hands. My first thought was not "coffee ground emesis" but upon inspection find he had chewed on the crib chipping off the top layers. Nope!
I did not lay awake for 2.5 hours last night with stomach ache, only to finally get up at 1:00am and take some tums, which helped. I then did not wake up at 4:30 with an itchy mosquito bite and have to get up and put benedryl cream on it. Nope, I always sleep all the way through the night.
That's all I have until next time.....

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