Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old T-Shirt/New Bib

We go through a LOT of bibs around here. We do laundry every ~3-4 days because we run out of bibs and burp cloths. So I got the bright idea to make some bibs. I searched the internet for free patterns and found this one from Chickpea Studios. I modified it using my Carter's bibs because I like the ones that velcro on the side instead of the back. I was thinking about what type of material to use when I found a bin of Devin's old stained shirts in the garage and I thought they would be perfect.

Step 1: Old Shirt

Step 2: Make pattern

Step 3: Sew right sides together, leaving opening for turning. Top stitch. Add velcro.

Optional: Add applique from some leftover material or other shirt

Pretty simple. The bibs I made of 3 layers of material to make them more absorbent and thick. I could get 2 full bibs out of each shirt. Pretty thrifty, especially if you already have all the supplies on hand. :)

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