Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Happy 5th of July! Of course on a regular Monday I forgo "Not Me" Monday, but on a holiday...I'm all over it! Go firgure!
I did not buy chocolate bars for s'mores for the 4th only to have them eaten before then and have to buy more. Nope not me!
I did not come downstairs Saturday morning to find a mouse (dead) in the middle of our family room. Eww! No way. I did not leave it there until Devin woke up to take care of it. Nope!
Devin was not videotaping, while Jacob crawled down the stairs when he decided to try going sideways and end up rolling down and he most definitely did not hit his head on the wall as he come to a stop. Oh no! Not us! We are excellent parents who would never put our child in that dangerous situation!
There you have it, another "Not Me!" Monday. You can check out what Mckmama and everyone else has not been doing lately here.