Thursday, May 26, 2011

Call Us Crazy

Well, I am sure many of you could call us crazy for any number for reasons….let me list a few:

  • We got married 9months after we met
  • We had 2 babies in just over 1 year
  • We own a minivan
  • We live in Redmond

Well, here is another one.  We are potty training Jacob.  We are just going for it.

We have been pre-potty training for a few months.  Watching “Once upon a potty” DVD, sitting on the potty occasionally, talking a lot about pee and poo and buying a little potty for the living room.

But today, I decided to just do it.  Bare buns running around confined to the hard wood floors on the middle level, lots of lemonade to drink, white chocolate chips as rewards/bribes. 

May work, may not work.  Just giving it a go!

1 comment:

  1. Crazy is good huh!! Why is living in Redmond crazy though?? Hope potty training goes great, its a long hard road, but keep pushing through, you will both do great!!