Sunday, May 29, 2011

Potty Training First Go

Ok so the first go didn’t go that well.  He definatly know when he has to go. 

The first day he would just hold it.  Let a little trickle, say Pee-Pee and then stop.  I  am sure his little tummy hurt.

The second day he kept saying Poo-Poo but would hold it in and come running to me, again I am sure his tummy hurt.  As for pee, he would just go.  No stopping, no saying pee-pee.

Then it was the weekend and we had plans so we quit.  We will try again in a few days when we have no plans and can just stay home.

Here are some pics:




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  1. I was wondering how it was going. Don't push will just end up torturing yourself...I know from experience. Boys usually end up potty training later than girls...closer to age 3. Just sayin and resign yourself to the fact that you'll be changing diapers for 3 kids at the same time. : )