Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Day of School

I know, I know.  The first day of school was weeks ago, but I am finally getting around to posting.
We are homeschooling this year, Jacob (kindergarten) and Evie (preschool). 

Here are pictures I took the day I decided to "start" Kindergarten. 

Our Co-op started the next week and here are pictures from before our first day.


Our homeschooling choices for this year include:

We Choose Virtues curriculum (all)
Various Preschool Printable Packs (all)
All About Reading - pre reading (all)
Life of Fred - Apples (Math) (Jacob)
BOB books (Jacob)

At our Co-op
Jacob is taking Story Art (stART), preschool music, and God's little scientist
Evie is taking preschool dance and ABC class

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