Friday, October 17, 2014

Kelsey Creek Farm Tour

A friend from my MOPs group and also from our Co-op organized a farm tour of Kelsey Creek Farm.  The kids got to see and pet a pony, watch 2 baby pigs eat pumpkins, help make the "beds" for the pony and a cow, and take pictures in the indoor "pumpkin patch". 

Learning about the farm.

The 21yr old pony.

Kids watching the pigs eat pumpkins.

Getting wood shavings.

Raking the beds.

Sweeping the barn floor.

Getting more wood shavings.

More wood shavings.

Sweeping the barn. 
 (wish they were this productive and helpful at home!)

Pumpkins from the indoor pumpkin patch.

Group photo.

Walking with a friend.

 The kids favorite part: raking and playing on the playground after.

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