Sunday, October 19, 2014

Museum of Flight

Jacob's class, God's little scientist, took a field trip to the Museum of Flight on Friday.  The kids were very excited and it was a loud car ride with each child pointing out EVERY airplane they saw all the way there (and once we were inside as well), Noah being the loudest.  The kids thought most of the planes were the Blue Angels. 

There was an hour "class/instruction" by a Museum employee where the kids learned the parts of the plane, got to sit in planes and work the wing flaps, learn how to fly a plane up and down and side to side, and make a glider with paper and straws.

Waiting in line with our friend Keith.

Learning the names of the airplane parts.
Practicing airplane moves.

Checking out and piloting the planes.

Getting ready to fly the gliders they made.

Evie's glider, pink of course.

Then it was lunch and free exploration of the museum.

An actual Blue Angel!


Watching from the control tower. We saw one plane take off and another land. 
And we saw the train.

Flying the helicopter.

Learning how to fly a hot air balloon.

 My kids had a great time.  Too much to see and too young to really learn about all the different airplanes.  We will definitely be going back! 

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