Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Months

Hi all. This is Jacob. Mom said since I was getting to be such a big boy, I could write my own 4 month birthday post. Isn't my mom the best!

Lets see where to start. I guess the newest thing I am doing these days is sucking my thumb. I finally figured out how to stick it out and get it in my mouth. It tastes so good, I just want to suck on it all the time. I get so mad when I wake up in the morning or from a nap and my arms are stuck down in my miracle wrap and I can't get my thumb into my mouth. I hate that and I let them know it! The other new thing I am doing is squealing/screaming. It is so great to make myself heard. It's funny anytime I make a noise all the big people crowd around and make funny faces as me. I am still trying to master the rolling over thing. That is hard work. I have rolled over from front to back a few times but I never do it for the camera. I am pretty close to rolling over from back to front, so look out for that video, if mom and dad can catch it, that is. My most favorite thing these days is standing up. I love standing up and looking around at everything. I am pretty proud of myself cause I am pretty strong and I think I am pretty hot stuff. I can hold myself up pretty good, of course a big person has to be holding on to me too. I am also really into looking around at everything. Doesn't matter what, could be the TV (I really like watching TV) or a colored blanket or the ceiling. They are all pretty interesting to me. The one game I really like, I call spit up on mommy. I try to get her with spit up every time she picks me up. Spit up on her shoulder, down her shirt, on her leg, over the shoulder, wherever, and I especially try to miss the burp cloth. I try to mix it up, keeps mom on her toes. She always says "Oh man! You little rascal" She must like it cause she always says "Again!" All this talking, rolling, spitting up is tiring and I still like to sleep a lot. Mom says she and Dad are very blessed. I sleep all through the night and then take a 2 or 3 naps during the day. It's like they say, "play hard, sleep hard."

I just had a doctor's check-up yesterday and I now weigh 13lbs 6oz and am 24inches tall. Wow am I growing, although I am kind of on the shrimpy side. I am just about in the 25th %tile for weight and length. (Mommy says it's a good thing I don't know what shrimpy means, she doesn't want me getting a complex. What's a complex?) But mom always says how big I am getting and reminisces about the days when I was so small. I also had to get two shots, but I was really brave and only cried for the first one. Mom was really proud of me.

Merry Christmas everyone. (I for one am every excited. Mom and Dad said I have been very good this year!)


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  1. Callie! Just checked out your blog again... this is an adorable post. :)