Friday, December 11, 2009

Art By Fire

Last week, Devin and I, continued our new tradition (2nd annual) ornament making at Art By Fire. It's a glass blowing studio and every month or so they open up the studio for people to come in and do a project. This month they were making glass ornaments. It only takes 15-20min and they help you through the entire thing, but it's still fun. You get to pick the colors, put it in the fire, blow it, crimp it off and a couple days later you get to pick it up and put it on your tree. My grandparents came down to babysit and Devin and I got to go out. (it was a big night of Art by Fire and then Costco. Woohoo) Here are some pics from our ornament making:

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  1. How cool is that?? Very special, glad you guys got to get out and have a date. We are having a date nite tonight as its Daniel's company party!