Friday, April 16, 2010

Toys Possessed

So occasionally Jacob's toys will just randomly start singing or talking or whatever. I mean for no reason, they have not been played with in hours and no one is around. Weird right. Well this tops all. 2 nights ago Devin was downstairs finishing up, I was upstairs getting ready for bed and Jacob had been in bed for hours. Jacob's tabletop toy was sitting in the family room. It was 11:30pm, the toy had not been played with in over 3 hours. This is what Devin heard:

"I see you! He-he-he"
(long pause)

A little freaky right!? (especially after we just watched a scary movie. Glad it was Devin downstairs and not me!)


  1. Callie - we have "possessed" toys as well. After a couple of times doing their "thing" I decided it was time for them to leave. Of course they were inexpensive toys. Might be taking the batteries out of the ones you have so they don't talk / stalk you :-)

  2. Welcome to the world of battery operated annoying toys. Just kick 'em. : )