Friday, September 3, 2010

Cloth Diapers After a Year

After a year of using cloth diapers, how do I feel about them you’ve ask?  (ok so you haven’t asked but I am going to tell you anyway!  It’s my blog, I do what I want!)
Great. I love them, well maybe not "love" (it still is a diaper after all) but strongly like.  Washing them is really not as gross as I thought it would be.  Sometimes dumping the poo is pretty gross.  But now that we have already made the investment we get to use them again for Evie with no additional cost.
Do we use cloth 100% of the time?  Nope. I only use during the day. I have tried using them at night but it gives Jacob a diaper rash on his tummy. So for overnights we use disposables. We also use disposables if we go on a trip and usually if we are going out I don't pack the cloth. So I'd say we use the cloth about 75% of the time.  I think we average probably 10-12 disposables per week.  I try to wash the diapers when I have 3 left, to leave enough time to wash and dry and get them stuffed for used before the 3 are used up, but that rarely happens. 
I think we've ended up buying just 4 Costco boxes of diapers for the year (not including newborn diapers).  One box of 1’s, two boxes of 2’s and 1 box of 3’s which we are currently using and almost out of. So that was about $200. And I think I spent about $250 on 40 cloth diapers.  I bought most of the diapers used off cragislist and just a handful new.  Even if you had to buy 1 box a month ($50/mo; 6 diapers per day) that would be $600.  So I have already saved $150.  And if we count the next year of spending $400 on disposables $200 for each kid), I’ve saved $800.  (I’ve never actually done the math, looking at that savings makes me excited and eager to continue using them!)  Ok so there is also the extra cost of water/energy and whatnot to wash them, but it’s not that significant.
We are using the Bumgenius one size diapers that snap into 3 different sizes.  I have the 2.0 version and the newer 3.0 version diapers.  (The 2.0’s I got for really cheap, about ~$2 per diaper).  I have figured out that if I use the newer inserts, the ones that came with the 3.0’s with the 2.0 diapers and the older inserts with the newer diapers I don’t have as many leaks.  I have also tried using the newborn inserts with the old regular inserts for less leaks too but it adds more bulk to the diaper.
So far I the only problems I have had is that the velcro tabs, especially the laundry tabs don’t really stick any more.  I even got some replacements but it didn’t seem to help much.  This doesn’t affect the use of the diaper any just makes them all come out of the drier in a chain and creates pilling on the diapers.  I had some problems with leaks on the 2.0 diapers but that was because I was putting the liner all the way to the top and I read on the website that it needs to be 1inch down.  I still get some leaks but not nearly as much at the top of the diaper.  Occasionally have some leg leaks but this is usually my fault when I have left him in the diaper too long.  I have found the cloth need to be changed about every 3-4 hours to prevent leaks.  And one very great thing – I’ve never had a poopy blowout with the cloth.  Not once, although Jacob was never one to really blowout.  But still…
Another thing we are doing is using cloth wipes (most of the time).  It actually is so easy cause you can just throw them into the same bin as the diapers and wash together.  I just fill an empty wipe container with some water and just dunk the cloth in for a wipe.  So simple and better for little bottoms (no chemicals).  Though if there is a lot of poo, then I often opt for a disposable wipe.  We do have a diaper pail and a cloth diaper pail in the room.  And sad to say the room often doesn’t smell that great.  I need to work on finding a solution for this.
Overall, I am really happy with our decision to use cloth diapers.  I am happy that I have stuck with it.

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