Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 Weeks - Our Little Prune

Ok, so I am now 10 weeks today. The baby's elbows are now working (I am going to be feeling that pretty soon). The kidneys are making more urine (where does the urine go?), the stomach is producing gastric juices and the teeth are forming under the gums.

I am still feeling well with minimal nausea. I am starting to get my appetite back and I have gained 2 pounds to date. I am excited to start buying things. I have already been thrift shopping a few times to find some good bargins. I try to look for only gender neutral things (cause we're going to wait to find out the sex) but the little girls clothes are just so cute I can't resist. Devin said I can't buy anymore girl clothes unless I also by boy clothes. :)

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  1. You are gonna wait to find out?? Wow, I wish I could do that, but I am such a planner.. no way could I not know! Glad you are feeling good and gaining weight, thanks to TacoBell huh!!