Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 Weeks - Our Sweet Little Lime

11 weeks. I can hardly believe I am almost done with the first trimester. Weeks ago it seemed so far away. Let's see....the baby this week is developing finger and toenail beds, the torso is lengthening, the body is straightening, the individual fingers and toes have separated from webbed hands and feet, and the ears are nearly in their final place. Our little lime is starting to look like a little human.

I am still feeling well, little more nausea this week. We have started taking pictures of my belly every day so we can make a slide show/movie after it's all said and done. I am not showing yet, though it sometimes feels like I am. I keep wanting to buy things for the baby, but I am starting to think the more immediate need is maternity clothes. If anyone has any to share..... :)

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  1. Don't get too excited...if you're anything like your big sis - I really didn't need maternity clothes until about 20 weeks. : )