Wednesday, February 25, 2009

13 weeks - Our Georgia Peach

Wow. I am ⅓ of the way done already. This has been fast and slow at the same time. I am trying to savour every moment. This week our baby's head is about half the length of his or her entire body, the intestines which started developing in the umbilical cord are now starting to move into the final position in the abdomen (weird) and the baby's vocal cords are developing (can't wait for that!)

I am feeling well. Less nausea this past week. I am still very tired and have been having more headaches. Overall I am doing great. I am starting to show just a tiny bit, my pants are starting to get a little tight. I haven't really gained any weight, except the 2 lbs I gained and then lost and then regained.


  1. Your halfway done?? I thought you are 13 weeks, I am confused!!

  2. I am 13 weeks. It says 1/3 not 1/2. It's kinda small I know.

  3. Gotcha.. wow i didn't notice that was a 3 it sure looked like a 2 huh! Glad you are just trucking along, soon you'll be holding your baby :) Boy or girl.. so excited to find out!