Friday, February 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

Devin and I have been discussing names for our baby since even before we were married. We even have a spreadsheet made with columns for both Devin and I to rank the names 1-10 and a third column to total the score. (yes we are geeks!) Since we are not going to find out the sex we have to pick names for both.

Boy Names:

Girl Names:

We copyrighted these names, so no using without our permission. ha

I am not sure if this means we are going to have lots of girls or not, there just aren't many boy names that we both like. Devin and I really like having a unique/uncommon name ourselves and would also like uncommon/unique names for our kids. We know Jacob is the most popular boy name for the last I don't know how many years, but we still like it. For any name, Devin runs through the possible rhyming words associated to determine if the name is OK or not. Feel free to leave a suggestion for an uncommon or unique name (just make sure it's up from grabs).


  1. Yes, you are total geeks. But, seeing as I have some experience in naming children, here's my two cents on the issue. Be wary of picking names that 1. people won't know how to pronounce (I'm not sure of two of them), and 2. people won't know how to spell. Your poor child will constantly their whole life be correcting pronunciations and spellings. : ) Name your babe whatever you want, just keep those things in mind - for your kids sake!

  2. I love it.. Daniel and I have a word document with cute names! Its not geeky at all, its smart and practical. I like what Gretchen said great advice!!
    You guys are on a great start. We had only girls names and not one boy name until we found out we were having a boy.
    I love the name Micah, I think its fantastic!