Wednesday, May 6, 2009

23 Weeks

(Still at the papaya picture.*)

This week our baby is around 8 inches long and weighing just over a pound. Our baby's skin is growing fast and is a bit saggy and loose. The skin is waiting for the fat to come in and fill it out. Right now our baby is a bit see-through but that will be changing as the fat forms. Over the course of this month, our baby will be packing it on and will double his/her weight.

I am starting to feel pregnant. I feel like I am getting big. I find myself looking in the mirror or the windows as I walk around just to see my belly. I can hardly believe it is me. My co-workers keep reassuring me that I do indeed look pregnant and not just fat. Devin got to feel our baby move for the first time last week! It's pretty cool. Our baby is quite active, moving around all the time. I think I even saw my belly move the other night with a big kick.

*The pictures of the baby size and the book we are reading don't match up to well with weeks/months.

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  1. Oh that is so exciting Devin got to feel the baby. I remember when Daniel got to feel Justice for the first time, it was incredible to be able to share what I was feeling inside with him. It just keeps getting more fun from there, watching them move all across your belly is incredible.. God did a great job huh!