Wednesday, May 27, 2009

26 Weeks - Our Little Chuck

No, we have not decided to name the baby Chuck. But this week our baby is about the size of a 2lb chuck roast and is measuring around 9inches crown to rump. This week our baby's eyes are beginning to open. The eyelids have been fused closed previously allowing the retina to develop. Our baby can see light and will likely move around if exposed to a bright light or loud sound (though we haven't tested this). Interestingly, if something happened and our baby arrived now, he/she would have a good chance of survival.

I am still feeling well. I am continuing to have a little heartburn, though Tums is taking care of that. My belly button is getting very shallow and my belly is starting to itch a little. Overall, just cruising along, waiting anxiously to meet this little one.

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