Friday, May 29, 2009

We are Going Batty!

We have quite a few unwanted flying critters around our house. We tried the citronella candles and looked into a bug zapper, but we decided on bats. Bats are supposed to be great for insect control as they eat about 1/2 their body weight in bugs every day, that about 1000 mosquitoes. Devin went to the bird store and purchased a bat house kit. He just finished it and here is Devin putting it up on the house.

It's quite a small little house and Devin painted it the color of the house so you can barely see it.
Now we just need a bat or two to come live in the bat house. I can take a while (1-2 yrs) for the bats to come live in the house. Hopefully they will come sooner than later and start eating all these bugs.

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