Wednesday, July 15, 2009

33 Weeks - Our Little Honeydew

Yeah new picture this week! Our little one is now around 4.5lbs and will be gaining about 1/2 lb per week. As our little babe is getting so big, the room in my uterus is maxing out and the fluid levels are about maxed out which means less cushion from all the kicks and pokes. This week our baby's immune system is developing with my antibodies passing to our baby. I hardly ever get sick so I hope I can pass that onto our little babe.
I am still feeling great. I am not really feeling uncomfortable except for the heartburn. I can still pretty much do everything I want and did before, though sometimes a little slower. I am getting anxious for the next ultrasound which will determine if I need to have a c-section or not. Oh and correction to last weeks update: I have not gained 28lbs, only 26lbs (and yes, 2lbs makes a big difference). I forgot that the doctors scale weighs 2lbs more than our home scale.
I had my first baby shower last weekend and am now feeling a little more ready for our little babe to arrive. Thanks to everyone who was able to be there and for all the wonderful gifts!

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