Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama and others are doing a variation of Not Me! Monday and instead doing Not My Child! Monday. Since I don't have a child (yet), I decided to stick with the good ol' original.
I am definitely not taking full advantage of every chance I get to sleep in. I am not sitting here writing this at 10:30am still in my PJ's. Not me! I am always up and about early to start the day.
I did not get bored and miss my husband this weekend when he was gone for 3 days! (our first nights apart).
I did not have dishes piled up for 3 days when my sister came over and she did not do all the dishes and clean the kitchen while I did nothing.
Oh and I did not have a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast this am and try to justify it a little by having a glass of nutritious milk with it.
That wraps up another Not Me! Monday post. Check out MckMama's blog for Not My Child! Monday.

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