Thursday, September 3, 2009

Due Date

UPDATE: Jacob now weighs in at 6lbs 7.5oz and is just under 20inches long, about 19.75inches. The doctor again said Jacob is perfect and we should keep doing everything we are doing.

I meant to write this post yesterday...

Yesterday was Jacob's due date. It's hard to believe that he could still be inside me, but alas he is 12 days old now.

He is starting to be more awake during the day after feedings but is still calm and quite, just looking around, taking everything in. I still have to wake him every 3 hours to feed him and he is so sleepy during feeding time. He still pees on us about once a day. I thought I was getting better at keeping him covered but then this morning hit.... first I nursed him. He nursed well for 10min on the first side, then was asleep. I burped, jostled, laid him down, wiped him down with a wet cloth, finally got him awake enough to take the other side. He nursed for about 3-4min and then asleep again and this time no matter what I did he was still dead to the world, so I figured he was done. Then I take to the changing table. Take off his diaper and make sure to cover his boyhood with a wipe. I wipe him down and apply the butt paste and he begins to toot and then poop. So I quickly get a wipe under him to catch it as I didn't want to waste a new clean diaper. During the pooping, he also pees, but seeing as it was covered it didn't spray but just added wetness to the already poopy mess accumulating under him. At this point I am thinking a bath is a good idea but didn't have everything set up so decide to begin wiping him down and as I take the wipe that was covering him, he pees again, this time getting it in his hair, face and chest. Now a bath is the only idea, so I get the bath ready and finally get him cleaned up. Of course during this whole escapade he is screaming his head off. Now he is sleeping peacefully, until that is I wake him in 30 min.

I had my doctors appointment yesterday for an incision check. The nurse said the incision looked good, I can drive and I can lift without restrictions. Which is good because now I am not stuck in the house and can get out to run errands or go for a walk.

Jacob has a doctors appointment today for a weight check. I can tell that he has been gaining wt and filling out, though not growing out of any of his clothes or newborn diapers yet.

And don't get your panties in a bunch, more pictures coming! Maybe later today/tonight or tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Oh the memories I have of those moments! Boys are so fun aren't they! Hope you can keep a smile on your face and a laugh close by as you just never know what will happen!!

  2. I laughed the entire time I read this. Yes, this happens with all babies and it seems no matter how many different methods I try, I get peed and pooped on all the time (and so does Max). Your description is so perfect of what happens to me it cracks me up. I just gave in and now I stock up on Costco diapers.